Remote Terminal Management Module

ACCEO Tender Retail ‘s unique transaction-management module offers the advantages of both a centralized and a decentralized payment system.

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Manage your operations remotely

The ACCEO Tender Retail remote terminal management module is designed to offer you a centralized configurator for your decentralized payment system. It enables a variety of centralized operations. With it, you can:

  • Create “update packages” for upload to PIN Pads;
  • Update and deploy configuration of all the components of the payment solution;
  • Manage and deploy new PIN Pad firmware versions (for PIN Pad providers and processors which allow this);
  • Schedule uploading and global activation of updates;
  • Perform immediate uploading of updates;
  • Perform roll-backs to previous versions;
  • Manage and deploy new payment software releases.


We designed the ACCEO Tender Retail remote terminal management add-on with functionalities that fit your business needs, including:

  • Centralized and aggregated reporting;
  • Business intelligence;
  • Operational intelligence;
  • Configuration monitoring;
  • Data drill-down;
  • User and role definition;
  • User-friendly dashboards; and
  • Multi-level data views.

Finance executives will love ACCEO Tender Retail‘s remote terminal management rich features, which ensure a better understanding of electronic-payment expenses while helping to predict expenses.

IT and operations teams will immediately see the benefits of a tool which fast-tracks the investigation of potential problems, predicts peaks in the number of transactions, and more.

The ACCEO Tender Retail remote terminal management module has dashboard and management functionalities. Facilitate the initial roll out of your payment solution.

Customer Success Story

Logo Shopper’s Drug Mart
We were successful in using ACCEO Tender Retail Manager to remotely update 10,000 PIN Pads in our stores. ACCEO Tender Retail Manager has allowed us to find financial efficiencies in our processes by reducing our on-site mobilization costs significantly… This tool is a real money and time saver for us. Great experience, great product, highly recommended.
— Stanley Yu, Senior System Analyst, Shoppers Drug Mart