EMV Certified Semi-Integrated
Middleware Payment Solution

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A secure and flesxible EMV payment solution | Tender Retail

A Secure and Flexible
EMV Payment Solution

Tender Retail is a semi-integrated middleware payment solution that handles all aspects of electronic payment transactions – including the critical communication interface between the point of sale and the transaction processor. Our payment solution has been giving merchants the power to choose the most cost-effective payment processors since 1985.

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A Semi-Integrated EMV Payment Solution

Tender Retail has been deploying its EMV middleware solution to many of the largest US and Canadian merchants since 2007. PIN Pad and acquirer-agnostic, it was the first payment solution in North America to adopt EMV standards and roll out a complete encryption solution for merchants.

Remote Terminal Management | ACCEO Tender Retail

Remote Terminal Management Module
A Device-Independent and Cost-Effective Management Module

  • Facilitates the initial rollout and updates of your Tender Retail payment solution
  • Provides the advantages of both a centralized and decentralized payment system
  • Lets you investigate and troubleshoot from any location
  • Offers an effective way to monitor and configure alerts
  • Allows you to manage your operations remotely
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WE adapt to your business
We believe in flexible solutions

At Tender Retail, adaptation is key. A client should never have to adapt its business practices to the products it uses. Quite the opposite. A client’s business practices should be the guiding factor when it comes to choosing business tools, and these tools should always adapt to the client’s needs. This is why we tailor our offering to accommodate the various industries calling on our expertise.

The advantages of centralized AND decentralized payment solutions in ONE.

Empowering Merchants

Debit, credit, loyalty, contactless, chip, or swiped. There’s a vast range of smart cards from which to choose, and today’s consumers are avid smart-card users.

Every day, Tender Retail helps merchants carefully monitor the millions of smart-card transactions that flow from point-of-sale terminals to payment processors.

Since its inception, Tender Retail has been dedicated to delivering a flexible payment solution that saves your company time and money.

About Tender Retail

First in North America to adopt EMV standards and roll out a complete encryption solution for merchants

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