March 11, 2021


Better today than we were yesterday – we call that Operational Excellence! In 2020, in anticipation of the market demand for integrated payments that addressed new device families from our hardware partners and new payment platforms from our processing partners, we aligned our development and quality assurance teams to deliver many new unique processor-and-PINPad-model-specific connectors. We call these productized solutions “Bundles”.

The goals of our “Bundled” approach are to:

  • Eliminate the confusion and complexity that can exist when connecting PINPads to processors.
  • Provide a core set of payment capabilities that is consistent across all PINPad/Processor combinations.
  • Streamline and reduce the complexity of implementations by offering improved and more detailed configuration documentation and doing away with configuration options that are not applicable for certain bundle combinations.
  • Coordinate with hardware and acquirers to ensure that merchants can order the correct solutions (hardware and/or processing platform) with ease. By exchanging bundle part/reference numbers with our partners, the provision of a preconfigured and certified result is assured.

Ensuring you have choices means that it’s even more important for us to introduce advancements intended to reduce bottlenecks, quality concerns, and other friction in the delivery process that may impact our merchants, their teams, and partners. We think our bundles approach is a step in the right direction.

Bundles, a closer look

A bundle will consist of all the necessary elements for your implementation, including:

  1. Build components for your solution
  2. Installation Guide(s)
  3. Gold configuration(s)
  4. Configuration tool(s)
  5. Specifications Sheet(s)
  6. PCI document(s)

In some cases, and where applicable, device-related information—such as forms packages or forms flow instruction—or other components, materials, and relevant documents may also be included.


We’re pleased to introduce this bundle concept, an improvement that will remove ambiguity from the retrieval process of individual documents and product versions and will smooth the way for your implementations.

Our Client Services team is tasked with communicating our bundle releases, supplying access to them, and answering any questions you may have.

Keep an eye out for upcoming announcements of new bundles as we release them!