The ACCEO Tender Retail Middleware Payment Solution

ACCEO Tender Retail is a recognized industry-leading middleware payment solution and is integrated in cash registers throughout North America, including Fortune 500 companies. ACCEO Tender Retail‘s secure and flexible solutions are integrated with US and Canadian Processors to support EMV and Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE).

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With the adoption of chip cards, the payment ecosystem has become extremely complicated. Watch as ACCEO discusses how merchants are enabled with a trusted and secure payment solution.


The ACCEO Tender Retail payment solution has been integrated to over 300 leading POS solutions and hundreds of thousands of merchant locations in a wide range of verticals. Integrated with industry-leading PIN Pad manufacturers, our flexible and semi-integrated payment solution allows a merchant to choose the PIN Pad of their choice and the payment processor they want to work with. Our middleware payment solution is designed with the knowledge that every system’s infrastructure is different and that ease of integration is paramount.

ACCEO Tender Retail is:

  • PCI-compliant, EMV-certified, stable, and secure
  • Compatible with both Windows and Linux operating systems
  • Easily installed either as a multi-threaded server-based switch or directly on the POS
  • Fully load-tested to meet the most rigorous requirements of any major national retailer

Key benefits

  • ACCEO Tender Retail gives you the ability to select and change your payment processor and providers of value-added solutions so that you can take advantage of the lowest transaction processing fees and the most appealing value-added offerings.
  • Limitless flexibility and scalability mean that you are in control of your own future when it comes to implementing new programs featuring gift or loyalty cards, wireless transactions, or mobile receipts, for example.
  • ACCEO Tender Retail supports all major card types, including credit, debit, private-label, loyalty, and gift-program.
  • Our payment solution allows you to select the payment processor of your choice and handles all aspects of the transaction process: PIN Pad interaction, communication protocols, bank-specific message processing, and receipt formatting.

Security Features

We at ACCEO Solutions are committed to meeting or exceeding global payment industry security standards across our entire product line – and that includes ACCEO Tender Retail.

ACCEO Tender Retail:

  • Is PA-DSS-certified
  • Supports end-to-end encryption
  • Supports host-generated tokenization
  • Supports industry-standard token-management applications

Value-Added Solutions

Today’s consumers expect much more from merchants. Value-added solutions, such as gift cards, loyalty programs, prepaid phone cards, and contactless payment, are the new standard in relationship-building tools. ACCEO Tender Retail features a suite of add-on components that gives merchants the ability to offer a variety of value-added programs without investing significant time or money in additional hardware or development.

These components are all fully integrated into ACCEO Tender Retail: one platform manages all card transactions. This means that there’s no standalone hardware and ensures easy reconciliation of purchases, redemptions, and promotions across multiple value-added programs.

Simplify management and updates of your payment solution and PIN pads

Having challenges to keep up with updates? Ensure cost-effective and well planned software and configuration updates with ACCEO’s remote management and reporting functionalities.

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