January 13, 2020

Tender Retail and XSI retail partners join forces to provide an integrated payment processing solution just in time for the holidays

Montreal, December 18, 2019 — Tender Retail, a leader in payment solutions, and XSi Retail Partners, a leading solutions implementation and consulting team specializing in the retail vertical, have partnered to offer North American retailers a payment solution fully compatible with Microsoft LS Central point-of-sale (POS) system (formerly known as Microsoft LS NAV).

XSi Retail Partners recently completed a successful integration and rollout of LS NAV at Danier across 13 stores nationwide. Danier is synonymous with genuine craftsmanship and uncompromising quality, their focus is providing women and men with the most exquisite leathers and materials with carefully curated collections. Danier selected the Tender Retail payment solution to provide a seamless transaction for their Point of Sale system to obtain credit and debit authorizations directly from Global Payments, their payment processor. This solution included support for point-to-point encryption (P2PE) and EMV.

“We needed a more robust inventory control, ERP solution for the entire operation with a focus on the in-store experience. We replaced a solution that was not integrated with our credit and debit card Pin Pads and needed the assurance from our implementation partner that we could obtain a seamless experience in-store in order for us to move forward with LS Central. XSi Retail Partners was able to provide this integration with the Tender Retail payment solution which will avoid any disconnect with our card authorizations and POS transactions. This solution also offers us the flexibility to change our processor when and if required, providing us with the flexibility to shop for the best rates offered.” said Brian Adamson, Director of Finance at Danier.

The Tender Retail solution supports contact and contactless EMV payment, provides a fast and secure payment option to merchants, and protects cardholder data with point-to-point encryption (P2PE). Using contactless technology (NFC), the devices will also support digital wallets such as Apple Pay® and Samsung Pay®. Tender Retail’s middleware software solution provides a “direct to the processor” approach, giving retailers the flexibility to choose the device and processor of their choice and bypass middlemen gateways for a quicker and more cost-effective method for payment processing.

XSi Retail Partners has over 40 years of combined experience with Microsoft Business Central and LS Central (formerly Microsoft NAV and LS NAV). By leveraging the Tender Retail platform and a proven solution and methodology, retailers get an integrated and secure payment system without introducing additional complexity to PCI compliance and certification.

About Tender Retail

A leader in the payment industry, the Tender Retail team is at the forefront of innovation, having been one of the first providers to offer an EMV-ready payment solution with End-to-End Encryption (E2EE) in North America. Trusted by for major retailers throughout the United States and Canada, Tender Retail has been providing retailers freedom of choice in their payment solutions for over 30 years. Tender Retail is a division of Harris Computer Corporation. Visit Tender Retail at tender – retail.acceo.com

About XSi Retail Partners

A deep and focused experience set that transforms into a meaningful understanding of clients’ “retail realities” is what sets XSi Retail Partners apart. The retail-focused consulting firm is comprised of leaders with vast experience in the retail and information technology sectors, with principles who are actively involved in all projects and who boast real-world experience as business owners – either as retailers or in positions serving the industry. Visit XSi Retail Partners at www.xsiretailpartners.com

About Danier

DANIER has earned its reputation as a leader in fashion for over 40 years. The dedication and commitment to its customers satisfaction earned the appreciation of those who sought style with quality. Re-launched in 2016, DANIER introduces beautiful woolens and woven pieces to enhance and complement one’s wardrobe.

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