October 20, 2016

ACCEO Tender Retail partners with TruRating

ACCEO and TruRating Partner to Simplify Merchants and Retailers’ Instant Visibility on Key Customer Experience Metrics


Montreal (Canada), October 20, 2016 – ACCEO Solutions Inc., a leader in payment solutions, and TruRating, a revolutionary consumer ratings startup, announced their strategic partnership and launch set for 2017. ACCEO’s secure EMV-certified Tender Retail payment software will combine TruRating’s customer feedback solution to enable North American merchants and retailers to gather live consumer feedback at the point of payment.

“The need to innovate and provide services beyond just payments is core to ACCEO Tender Retail’s vision for the future – by leading the marketplace to make great value-added services like TruRating available to our merchants, we want to make it clear that we’re putting our customers’ needs first,” said Joey Vaccaro, VP of Business Development and Strategic Alliances at ACCEO.

Since its launch in January 2015, TruRating has consistently delivered response rates from an average 88% of customers, offering a huge increase on alternative industry-wide methods of feedback, which are often recognized as representing fewer than 1% of customers. TruRating takes the pulse of consumer sentiment via the Pin pad, asking each customer to anonymously rate an aspect of their experience from 0-9 on the keypad, just before they pay. TruRating is making it easier than ever for every consumer to have a say. For the first time, businesses are benefiting from mass, validated, representative feedback every single day.

Jon Horsman, head of TruRating Canada, reinforced the value of the partnership: “It’s very exciting to work with the incredible portfolio of retailers currently using Tender Retail’s services. In the UK and Australia, TruRating has already shown major benefits for the retailers we work with. We are delighted to have ACCEO as a partner to bring this technology to the North American market.”

About ACCEO Solutions Inc.

Leading Canadian IT company ACCEO Solutions Inc. specializes in the design, implementation and integration of, and support for, management software; e-business development; and payment, professional, and technical services. Deployed in major retailers throughout the United States and Canada, ACCEO Tender Retail is a North American leader in the payment industry and one of the first EMV-ready payment solutions with End-to-End Encryption (E2EE) in North America.
For more information, visit www.acceo.com and www.tender-retail.com

About TruRating

TruRating is a UK-based consumer ratings startup, changing the way people give feedback on the experiences they’ve had in shops, restaurants, or any customer-facing business. It works by asking customers one anonymous question that they rate on a scale of 0 to 9 using the Pin pad. The ratings feed an analytics dashboard, giving businesses an instant gauge of their performance so they can look to make appropriate adjustments where needed, for example: changing staffing patterns, or introducing better training or a different product selection. TruRating crucially links sentiment to spend, which helps to identify increased revenue opportunities that can be made from service, product range and offers. TruRating has won numerous awards for its groundbreaking technology.
For more information, visit www.trurating.com


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