Cardholder Verification 101


The CVM—or card verification method—is simply a way to determine whether the person presenting a card payment is the legitimate cardholder. It all begins with card Issuers. Based on how and where the chip cards are meant to be used—and in accordance with payment network rules—they decide what methods to support, their priority for use, […]

Payment Account Reference (PAR): A new primer on an old topic


GETTING (RE)ACQUAINTED… Let us begin with some basics. A token is a card-on-file value that can be used for subsequent transactions such as automatic refunds, monthly subscriptions or completing a partial order. The tokenization process in payment transactions replaces the primary account number (PAN) data with a substitute value. The use of this replacement value—or […]

A New Age for QR Codes


Originally thought of as just a way to transfer money peer-to-peer—most often used by friends to split the lunch bill without paying fees—the use of QR codes as payment in the Americas has increasingly become a tool for more than just Millennials. During this socially distanced year, it has allowed people to pay for virtual […]

Hardware Spotlight


As with other consumer products, payment devices follow a natural product life cycle. PIN Entry Devices (PEDs) are primarily governed by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council’s (PCI SSC) regulatory compliance requirements, and their continuity are further subject to market activity and demand, evolving security standards, or innovations in technology that lead to the availability of enhanced next-generation devices.

Product Spotlight


The UnionPay card has reached a de facto position among Chinese consumers, but its growth outside of the territory is difficult to ignore. Bolstered by a robust relationship within the banking infrastructure, its capability to collaborate with institutions, partners, and merchants gives it an edge in their quest for continued expansion into the Americas and elsewhere.

Feature Article


Consequences from the COVID-19 pandemic have been challenging and for some, quite consequential. As the global outbreak continues to evolve, merchants are facing challenges responding to the changing needs and concerns of customers, workers, and communities alike. One of the critical points of focus is reducing the need for customers to interact physically with point-of-purchase terminals.

ACCEO Tender Retail Achieves Oracle Validated Integration with Oracle Retail EFTLink


The integration between ACCEO Tender Retail and Oracle Retail EFTLink includes support for standard payment functionality June 19, 2019 ACCEO Tender Retail, a Gold level member of Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN), today announced it has achieved Oracle Validated Integration of Tender Retail (formerly MCM V5) with Oracle Retail EFTLink, the standard payment interface for the Oracle […]

Tender Retail and XSI retail partners join forces to provide an integrated payment processing solution just in time for the holidays


Montreal, December 18, 2019 — Tender Retail, a leader in payment solutions, and XSi Retail Partners, a leading solutions implementation and consulting team specializing in the retail vertical, have partnered to offer North American retailers a payment solution fully compatible with Microsoft LS Central point-of-sale (POS) system (formerly known as Microsoft LS NAV). XSi Retail […]

Gateway Payments vs Direct Payments: What You Need to Know


In this article, we’ll cover the basics of payment processing and help you understand which option is best for your business. SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA, CA — JULY 26, 2019 – There are two main approaches to taking consumer payments today, direct payments and gateway payments. With direct payment, the merchant and payment processor communicate directly. From […]

Equinox Payments and ACCEO Tender Retail Deliver PCI 5.x-certified P2PE-ready Solutions on First Data Platform


Semi-integrated interface supports EMV and contactless and speeds time to market PHOENIX, AZ — January 14, 2019 – Equinox Payments (“Equinox”), a leading provider of payment terminals, software and services, and ACCEO Tender Retail today announced that the Equinox Luxe 8500i and Luxe 6200m payment terminals have achieved EMV end-to-end certification on First Data’s processing […]